driving change
through technology


Our story began in 2015, when Mingpo Cai, the visionary founder of Cathay Capital, met Denis Barrier, a French venture capitalist. Together, they infused the Cathay Capital platform with venture capital.

Mingpo is a serial entrepreneur, and notably the founder of Cathay Capital; he has more than 20 years of cross-border investment experience along with deep expertise in developing China-entry strategies for multinational companies. Whenever he started a new business, he found his own way to reinvent it. Denis is a technology focused venture capitalist, with deep experience in both early and growth investing, as well as corporate venture. He is considered as an innovator in his field, as he pioneered efficient new ways to favor fruitful collaboration between large corporates and leading startups.

When they met, Denis and Mingpo immediately had a good personal fit, and also understood that they were sharing the same vision about the massive changes happening in the world. They notably believed that digital entrepreneurs could massively take advantage of a global platform enjoying real scale, while benefiting also of the strong support from large corporates leading their respective industries. As this way of supporting startups with money and sweat didn’t exist, they decided to launch Cathay Innovation to partner with entrepreneurs who would be as mission-driven as Mingpo and Denis felt about themselves. Following their own path, they were both sure they could really make a difference for entrepreneurs in technology.