C. Entrepreneurs

Reinventing insurance in
partnership with BNP Paribas Cardif


Cathay Innovation and BNP Paribas Cardif together can be the best partner for early stage fintech startups.

How We Invest

Typically invest $100k-$1M in early stage insurtech/fintech startups

We look for visionary entrepreneurs that are evolving the relationship between insurers and their customers. We want to find a way to provide startups with an opportunity to collaborate with Cardif, with the potential to create a meaningful win-win partnership.

Our Investment Process

Cathay Innovation has the mandate to manage the fund

As both Cathay Innovation and Cardif want to secure the best possible impact for the partnership between Cardif and the invested startups, a Cardif consultative committee is gathered before any approval decision by Cathay Innovation.

How We Make A Difference

Acceleration of a startup’s development with Cardif’s help

We provide funding, guidance, and expertise in areas such as product development, risk modelling, distribution, and compliance. With Cardif’s global reach and strong position across Europe, Asia, and Latin America, startups are able to get first hand access to years of know-how and research that will provide another perspective on how to get significant traction by providing the rightly focused services.

How We're Different

Unique combination of venture capital and domain expertise

Cardif can foster growth by bringing insurance expertise through a partnership that can go from prototyping or fine-tuning a MVP, to doing a POC or testing a commercial launch in order to collect customers’ feedback. Cathay Innovation can help insurtech/fintech startups in their next development steps such as marketing, business development, and finding additional investors.

Renaud Dumora,

Chief Executive Officer

Olivier Héreil,

Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Asset Management

Stanislas Chevalet,

Chief Operating Officer, Transformation & Development


BNP Paribas Cardif is the life and property & casualty insurance subsidiary of BNP Paribas. Operating in 36 countries with strong positions across Europe, Asia, and Latin America, Cardif insures 90 million clients in the world through 450 distributors and 10,000 employees. Digital technology is at the heart of the company’s strategic objective of becoming a digital insurer, with the launching of an innovation lab and more than 320 digital initiatives and projects worldwide, 22 subsidiaries engaged in Big Data and 1500 digital-focused training programs, conferences, and events.

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