Allowing the access to Michelin’s personal contacts in the 170 countries of operation and meetings with business owners and/or representatives of Michelin that are potential (pilot) customers for the startup; over 112,300 employees in the world.

Michelin is a global leader in mobility, being one of the largest tire manufacturers in the World as well as a provider of digital services around mobility; mentoring will be provided to the startup by Michelin’s executives and innovation community.

Global footprint with 68 production sites in 17 countries, and 4,150 dealerships and service centers around the world.

Michelin Group is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the World, and a member of the CAC 40 (the 40 largest equities listed in France).

With more than a century of activity, Michelin has always considered mobility as an experience from its inception, pioneer in road signage, road maps, travel guide books and digital apps including the Michelin Red Guide.

``At Michelin, we believe mobility is essential for human development, and we daily innovate passionately to make it safer, more convenient and environmentally friendly. From upstream innovations (digital to improve workers' ergonomy, sustainability, industrial IoT, 3D printing ...) to downstream innovations (digital to enhance new travel experiences, multimodal transportation, convenience at retail, mobile technologies ...), our whole value proposition is digitizing. Therefore partnering with Cathay Innovation, is a way for us to share the same journey to identify & support digital entrepreneurs worldwide who are striving to innovate to offer a better way forward for everyone.``
testimonial author
Matthieu van der Elst
Head of Venture Capital, Michelin

Present in 170 countries and operating through 4,150 dealerships and service centers around the world, Michelin Group employs more than 110,000 people and 16.5 million products in 2015, realizing a turnover of €21.2bn. Products and services include tires, ecommerce, lifestyle products, mobility services, travel & restaurant apps, etc.

Innovation is one of the key growth drivers of the Group, and some past inventions became now the standard in their industry. With an annual budget of €640m in R&D, the Michelin Technology Center works on 350 different fields of expertise and benefits from a worldwide network with teams and infrastructures based in Europe, the Americas and Asia.