Allowing the access to Telefonica’s executives and experts in the 21 countries of operation and meetings with business owners and/or representatives of Telefonica that could be potential (pilot) customers for the startup; 129,000 employees in the Group.

Telefonica is one of the world’s largest international telecommunications companies; mentoring could potentially be provided to the startup by Telefonica’s executives and innovation community (Telefonica Open Future); €1bn invested in R&D in 2015.

Managing various leading brands to serve over 300 million customers in Europe and Latin America.

Founded in 1924 and listed on the Spanish stock exchange, Telefonica is one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world with operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its brand portfolio includes Movistar, O2 and Vivo, representing the company’s mobile, landline, Internet and television telecommunication services.

As one of the world’s largest international telecommunications companies, Telefonica is present in 21 countries through more than 129,000 professionals and serves more than 300 million customers to realize annual turnover of €47bn in 2015. Telefonica is committed to technological innovation with a total expenditure of €1bn on R&D in 2015, ranking fourth in the world in terms of telcos which invest the most in R&D, and second in Europe. Through tools such as Think Big, Talentum, Crowdworking spaces, Wayra, Telefonica Ventures and the Amerigo and CIP venture capital funds, Telefonica invested so far in more than 600 innovative companies from more than 16 countries.