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taking entrepreneurs
beyond their dreams


When we partner with entrepreneurs, we expect they have the true potential to lead and impact their domain, and we really want to have a case to make a difference for them even if they do 99% of the work.

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Lead the transition from commerce to social commerce
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Revolutionizing car ownership and usage with peer-to-peer car rental
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Internet Level Job Search Experience
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Making over 100 million women healthier.
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Don't just predict the future, change the outcome.
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Corporations engaging better on mobile with their customers and their employees
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Simplify the way people use data.


Before Cathay Innovation, our team had the opportunity to partner with other, great tech entrepreneurs.

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  • Hola!
  • Flite
  • CooTek – TouchPal
  • Place IQ
  • MoPub
  • Yodo 1
  • Lookout Mobile
  • iPinYou