What We Do

driving change
through technology


We invest in visionary digital entrepreneurs to help them accelerate and become global leaders.

How We Invest

Typical initial check of $3-$15M in digital startups that are ready to scale

We are focused on investing in early growth digital startups in North America, Europe, and China.

We support startups with a visionary and mission driven team, and must have the feeling that their startup is ready to scale, or has already started to scale.

Our first investment is typically between $3 to $15M, and done in startups that already has a product, some customers, and a potential business model. We can lead or follow, and keep reserves for follow-on investments

How We Can Make A Difference

Our invested startups can enjoy the support and unmatched scale of the whole Cathay Capital platform

Our global footprint allows us to help startups better understand and penetrate new markets.

We provide direct introductions to potential customers, help startups develop their international go-to-market strategy, and help build their team.

Our corporate partners have engaged in technical partnerships with some of our startups and some even have customer relationships with them.

How We’re Different

Our corporate ecosystem partners are really ready to support our startups

We maintain a close relationship with our corporate partners by trying to understand their needs.

We help them achieve results in their respective organizations through exchanging dealflow and industry insights every month.

We consider our strategic partners as family and gather them together several times each year to share and think at a multi-industry level.

How We Commit to Responsible Investing

Environmental, Social, and Governance

According to Article L.533-21-1 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, asset management companies are required to establish reporting on its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria and the corresponding issues in investments completed on behalf of our subscribers. This reporting is also stated in Article 173 of the French Act on Energy Transition.

These ESG criteria include:

  • Environment: measure the Company’s impact on health, nature, and living conditions
  • Social: analyze and assess the quality of customer experiences, employee relations, and/or supplier relationships
  • Governance: focus on the way a company is managed and controlled

We believe these are important factors to consider in the visionary entrepreneurs we help accelerate and become global leaders. However, ESG criteria are not systematically taken into account in the investment policy implementation where non-financial aspects are considered and valued in the decision making process. We intend to put in place an official ESG policy before the end of 2019.